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Smartphone Photography Courses online

Phone technology is changing at lightning speed with Smartphones being the choice of camera for many people, but it's still essential to master the core principles of great photography if you want to really advance as a photographer. Whether you want to capture striking images for your Instagram feed, of friends, family or travels, this fun and interactive course for teenagers covers all things lighting, creative composition and editing. It will also equip you with the technical skills to use your Smartphone to supplement school coursework or strengthen a future GCSE portfolio in design, art or photography. We shall be announcing our next course in March 2024 and check out the gallery below to see what our students got up to in summer 2022.

"This course really brightened up my lockdown this summer and the six creative projects were such a relaxing break between exam revision. I didn't realise how many clever little things my camera phone could do and mine's a really old one!  I definitely want to take photography GCSE now" - Alesha Hinkley, aged 14

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